Fans cansupport
their favorite creators
on an ongoing basis.

Ci-en is a site designed to help fans support their favorite creators on an ongoing basis.

Product Creators
Content Creators or Livestreamers
Store Managers

Ci-en has something to offer everyone.

Fans can support their favorite creators on an ongoing basis, while creators can give fans exclusive perks and updates on their activities.

Usage Outline

1Create Support Plans

Decide what perks will be provided to supporters, and create monthly plans (free and paid.)

2Share Information/Perks Through Articles

You can post progress updates/developer diaries or bonus articles at your own pace, like a blog.

3Get "Likes" and Encouragement

Your supporters can "like" your articles and send encouraging comments.

What You Can Do on Ci-en

  • Add reactions to a

  • Conduct vote-based
    or free-form surveys.

  • Receive extra support
    (Extra payments/tips)

  • Full integration
    with DLsite

  • Let users try out
    paid plans for free

  • Manage the delivery of original goods, etc.

  • Run Crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Help Manage Fan-exclusive Communities

Example Cases

Example Case 1
Streamer, Vtuber
  • Free Plan
    • Activity-related notifications and diaries
  • 500 yen plan
    • Distribute a short voice work
  • 1,000 yen plan
    • Invite to an external fan community
    • Access to past broadcast archive
  • 5,000 yen plan
    • Invite to exclusive live broadcasts
    • Receive birthday messages through voice or video
Example Case 2
Game development
  • Free Plan
    • Activity-related notifications and diaries
  • 500 yen plan
    • Distribute a trial version
  • 2,000 yen plan
    • Get your name listed in the "special thanks"
    • Early access to new information (screenshots, specifications, etc.)
  • 5,000 yen plan
    • Have your name displayed prominently in the "special thanks"
Example Case 3
Voice Actor
  • Free Plan
    • Beginning part of the paid plan situation voice / free talk perk.
  • 500 yen plan
    • Free talk main audio
    • Audio Work Bloopers
  • 1,000 yen plan
    • Send situation voice requests
    • Situation voice main audio
  • 3,000 yen plan
    • Ci-en exclusive radio voice program
Example Case 4
Illustrations, manga
  • Free Plan
    • Information about new and future releases
  • 500 yen plan
    • Early access to the next work's script
    • Survey regarding the next work
    • Add extra pages to works posted to Twitter, etc., and share
  • 2,000 yen plan
    • Ci-en exclusive work release
    • Distribute coupons for a new release

About Sales

Sales from the previous month are calculated on the first day of every month, and wholesale proceeds will be transferred around the 20th of that month.
Ci-en covers handling and transfer fees.
Sales can be transferred via bank transfer or DLsite point conversion.

* If you select the DLsite Point conversion option, the points will be transferred to your DLsite account before the last day of the month.

* If you select the bank transfer option,any transfer amount less than 5,000 yen will be carried over to the next month.

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