Compliance Policy

  • Introduction

    • Compliance Policy

      In accordance with The Company's social responsibility, The Company will always comply with laws and regulations or establish a system to do so while demonstrating its ethical stance as a business. In addition, The Company will conduct its management and business activities by prioritizing earning the long-term, stable trust of our customers, content providers, and other parties involved in our business.

    • Code of Ethics

      This Code of Ethics is intended to promote the integration of legal compliance by providing content providers with as much specificity as possible about The Company's ethical direction in accordance with its compliance policy.

      These stipulations are not in accordance with any specific ethics organization, etc., but The Company's own. While the direction is described as comprehensively as possible, we cannot guarantee that content in accordance with the Code will be accepted. The Company may follow the precedent set for works reviewed through an ethics organization or printing house.

      In addition, any content deemed socially unacceptable will not be limited to these stipulations.

  • About Self-Rating

    In consideration of the social nature of the site, The Company has established voluntary regulation (filtering) for viewing adult-oriented works on the site. The loading of adult-oriented pages will trigger an age verification screen for pages children are not legally permitted to view.

    As the site contains many adult-oriented works, view restriction through filtering prevents children from easily coming into contact with such content.

  • Regarding Age Ratings

    All articles published on this site are rated "All Ages" or "R18" based on the following criteria.

    [ All Ages ] --- Content that can be viewed and used by anyone without age restriction
    [ R18 ] --- Content restricted to those 18 years of age or older

    Sexual depictions: Depictions or references to genital conjoining, sexual activity, or allusion to sexual activity, including those related to or depicting sex. Other depictions: Violent scenes, ideology, or imitation.

  • Regarding Posting Checks

    This site monitors data for the purpose of investigating whether content has been posted that violates the Terms of Use and whether creators are complying with laws and regulations.

    Please refer to the following items for details on prohibited items and censorship requirements.

  • Prohibited Post Content

    • Material that constitutes obscene content
    • Any overt representation of genitalia
    • The depiction or exposure of genital conjoining in a sexual context.
    • Content containing overly warped or perverse sexual depictions
    • Content containing scenes of highly provocative and repulsive violence.
    • Content that imposes an extreme and excessive ideology.
    • Content containing the expression of cult-like religious activity or excessive political activity.
    • Content that glorifies and unduly promotes antisocial behavior.
    • Content that unfairly discriminates against race, creed, occupation, sex, religion, etc.
    • Content that unfairly discriminates against the socially vulnerable.
    • Depictions that are defamatory, slanderous, libelous, or otherwise offensive to the subject's dignity.
    • Content containing scenes of excessive cruelty, unnecessarily exaggerating the extreme nature of the material or actions that may be expected to be imitated in real life.
    • Content that contains depictions of pedophilia.
    • Descriptive language that infers a subject is under 18 years of age (i.e., elementary school students, junior high school students, kindergarten students, infants, young/little girls, children, etc.), as well as items that infer a subject is under 18 (school bags, kindergarten uniforms, smocks, name tags (with grade and class), etc.).

    If the content above is censored (with mosaics, etc.), this does not apply to the extent permitted by socially accepted norms.

  • Handling of Real or Photographic Imagery

    Posting of content sexually explicit material involving real subjects is prohibited (This includes subjects in revealing clothing, underwear, etc. However, such content may be approved if given managerial approval.)

  • Examples of areas requiring censoring (e.g., mosaic)

    • Genitalia or areas reminiscent of genitalia ('genitalia' extends to the penile pubis and vulva)
    • Genital conjoining and insertion (including foreign bodies, objects, etc.)
    • Anal conjoining and insertion (including foreign bodies, objects, etc., and excretory scenes)
    • When genitalia are depicted with a single line and color, the censoring process can be omitted unless the images are detailed
  • Technical details of the censoring processing (mosaic, etc.)

    • The censoring process assumes that details are obscured by visual judgment, not by the technical nature of the image
    • Processed in the same dimension and a state that cannot be technically restored to the original depiction.
    • The range should include the contour line.
    • Even if censored, details that can be made clear through transparency will be regarded as not being censored.

    Images should be obscured by mosaics in accordance with the following rules.

    • When the minimum is a 4-pixel square mosaic, and the length of the whole image is 400 pixels or more, the pixel square mosaic shall be calculated as [ Whole image length x 1/100 ] to the area requiring censoring.
    • Censoring with solid color lines must be applied to cover all necessary areas unless partial censoring results in obscuring all relevant parts.
    • When censoring is applied in the form of opaque white or another pattern, that censoring must be applied to cover all necessary areas unless partial censoring results in obscuring all relevant parts.
  • Summary

    The above text is somewhat formal in nature, so we have tried to summarize and itemize the most important and frequent items.

    • R18 (under 18 prohibited) works using realm subjects cannot be registered. (This includes subjects in revealing clothing, underwear, etc. However, such content may be approved if given managerial approval.)
    • Mosaics should be applied to the entire genital area.
    • Mosaics should be 4 pixels for 560x400, 6 pixels for 640x480, 8 pixels for 800x600, and 12 pixels for 1280x1024 when covering genitals and other necessary areas (about 1/100 of the image length, but always at least 4 pixels.)
    • Mosaics, etc., should also obscure outlines.
    • When censoring with solid color lines or opaque white, partial exposure is not a problem as long as the relevant parts are obscured.
    • Please contact us with regard to content with violence, ideology, religion, politics, etc.
    • As the site uses voluntary regulation, this is not a guarantee.