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This product uses a fair amount of GPU performance.
Depending on the GPU specs and compatibility, you may not be able to play the game properly, so please be sure to check the operation with the demo version.
The saved data from the demo version will be carried over to the full version and you can continue playing from the demo version onward.

Yuina, a magical swordsman, enters a dungeon for magical training.
However, it is a dungeon where lewd beasts live...

◆Play System
The Windows version is a simple action game with WASD key to move and mouse to attack.
Other controls include dash movement with the Shift key and special moves with the Space key.
Gamepad input is also supported.

◆Compatible platforms
 Required environment: PC with a GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM
 Recommended environment: RTX3050 Laptop GPU or higher

 Android 9 or higher
 However, there is a possibility that the game may not work properly depending on the device specifications.
 ※Please be sure to check the operation with the trial version.

・OpenXR (only supported by Meta Quest series/ValveIndex)
 Required environment: PC with a GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM
 Recommended: PC with 8GB VRAM or more GPU

For those who wish to enjoy the game immediately as a visual work rather than as a game, there is a hidden mode that releases all events in the reminiscence mode by performing certain operations.
*The operation is described at the end in the Readme of the product.

Introduction of Characters

CV: Mashiro Riko

The heroine of this work.
She has gone into the dungeon to train in magic.

When she comes, she squirts immediately.
For some reason, she carries a penis band with her.

CV: Hanagasa

A warrior with a magic bow who guards the exit of the first level.
She loves to torment pretty girls.

She looks forward to playing pranks on the girls who come to the dungeon.

CV: Yuzune Sakyo

A warrior who uses a magic sword to guard the exit of the second level.
She has a calm personality and performs her duties diligently, but is often misled by other warriors.

CV: Narumiya Naru

A warrior who guards the exit of the third layer.
She is confident in her abilities. She loves to incite others.

About game system

◆Normal Stage
The heroine will proceed to the inner area so as not to be caught by the octopus-type demon and the human-type demon.
If caught, the heroine will be attacked in every possible way.
If the lewd beast makes you come, its attack power will be reduced, and if it ejaculates inside you, you will receive a debuff that reduces your movement speed.
The game will not be over in the normal stages, but if the debuff is given, you will be at a disadvantage in the boss stages.

◆Boss stage
A simple battle system in which the player loses when his or her HP reaches zero.
The difficulty of the game changes greatly depending on the debuffs received in the normal stages.
If the player's HP reaches 0, the game is over after the defeat event, and if the opponent's HP reaches 0, the player moves on after the victory event.

About Defeat Events/Victory Events

◆Defeat Event
This is a scenario-type event in which the opposing boss character is attacked + forced to serve.
The game is over after the event.

◆Victory Event
This is a command-selectable event in which the heroine attacks the other boss character.
Both the heroine's subjective viewpoint and the bird's eye viewpoint can be selected.
Some of the positions that can be selected involve penetration, such as the upright position, but this is not a gynecomastia event, but rather a penis band event.



本产品使用了相当高的 GPU 性能。
根据 GPU 规格和兼容性,您可能无法正常玩游戏,因此请务必使用演示版检查操作。


Windows 版本是一款简单的动作游戏,使用 WASD 键移动,鼠标攻击。
其他控制方式包括用 Shift 键控制冲刺移动,用 Space 键控制特殊动作。

 所需环境: 配备至少 2GB VRAM GPU 的电脑
 推荐环境: RTX3050 笔记本电脑 GPU 或更高版本

 Android9 或更高版本

・OpenXR(仅 Meta Quest 系列/ValveIndex 支持)
 所需环境: 配备至少 4GB VRAM GPU 的电脑
 建议使用: 配备 8GB VRAM 或更高 GPU 的 PC

*操作方法在本产品的 Readme 中最后进行了说明。


CV: Mashiro Riko






CV: Sakyo Yuzune


CV: Narumiya Naru



如果淫兽让你高潮,它的攻击力就会降低,如果它在你体内射精,你就会受到降低移动速度的 debuff。
在普通阶段游戏还不会结束,但如果受到 debuff 的影响,在 BOSS 阶段就会处于劣势。

◆ Boss 阶段
一种简单的战斗系统,当玩家的 HP 值为零时就会失败。
游戏难度会根据玩家在普通阶段受到的 debuff 而发生很大变化。
如果玩家的 HP 值为 0,则游戏在失败事件后结束;如果对手的 HP 值为 0,则玩家在胜利事件后继续前进。




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