Hello, I'm Kabuto Art and I've been drawing manga and doujinshi for too long now, but I've started publishing my works since 2018 on different platforms, achieving excellent results.
Now I have switched to this one and I hope my works are enjoyable.
They will cover topics such as Loli, Yuri, Futa, Parody, Footjob, Solo, Ed Incest.

Example: Here are some of the illustrations I've drawn so far!

To all who support us

Funds are earmarked to support hardware, and create new projects that require resources.

The reason I started Ci-en is because it can give me more chances to be able to show my works, and the gratification of knowing that I can always improve thanks to you. If you are interested, I would be happy if you could support me!

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    But all my uncensored sets My Google Drive.