What I do

I do illustrations and ugoria(animation); a scene, lipsync and sound for them.

💜my sites:
- https://pixiv.net/users/44761746
- https://medibang.com/author/26343100/
- https://artstation.com/etca0s

Why I'm in Ci-en

possibly there are people who feel comfortable here and for more people to see what I do.

why support?

-you will be able to see the full content
-I will be able to continue in this
-you will be able to give ideas for future work
*Be patient, I will write to you to let me know what ugoira you want or can write to me.

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Plan List

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    hi jsjs thanks for your watch

  • stage 1

    Monthly Cost: 250 yen plan

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    full ugoira and illustrations

  • Stage 2

    Monthly Cost: 500 yen plan

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    voice and sounds