Hello I am Hezzer and I am making Coven!

What is Coven about? Coven is an H(Hentai)-RPG centered around a trainee member of the monster fighting group of young witches known as the 'Coven'. Her name in this installment is Reya, and she is aged 19. Reya will set off on a journey against a variety of bizarre, and notably perverted, creatures and traps in order to cement herself in the organizations ranks and fulfill the heavy expectations on her shoulders.

Coven isn't a story about saving the world, but striving to acknowledge flaws and rise above them. Oh, and the crazy weird hentai stuff too, that's a thing.

Expect plenty of tentacles, hentai slimes, erotic traps, machines, restraint, along the way and other interesting stuff along those lines. As of now, the H aspects of this game are the focus. The mechanics have progressed to a serviceable stage, but will continuously be improved upon based on feedback and changes in development.

On full release, Coven will feature challenging, in-depth, QTE-based, struggle mechanics, fully illustrated art, a well-structured plot centered in a three act structure with fun, three dimensional, characters(although it won't detract from the lewdz too much), potential for additional voice acting, a variety of fetishes, and far more. Very substantial improvements will be made as time progresses and as I learn to manipulate the engine, RPG Maker MV, better.

Currently, Coven is in a production stage and while progress may be somewhat muted due to the long hours I work at my job--I've got plenty of motivation to get the project done and keep you folks updated.

I am currently looking to hire an artist who can illustrate in an anime style similar to what is already posted. If you think you're up to the job don't hesitate to PM me via Patreon or by me email: hexo60@gmail.com