Translation tools provided 海外向け記事

勇者出荷 Translation tools provided

Thank you for your cooperation in translation tools!😊
I'm sorry, but I don't know how to use it, so please help me personally.


Shell's translation patch (less english, more stable):

English Patch the gallery-version too

manual English translation for v.65.

It is not possible to deal with bugs after using the translation patch.
Apply patches at your own risk. A backup is recommended as new bugs may occur.
If a new bug occurs, I think it will progress if you return the save data to the data before translation...

Feel free to use the comment section to exchange information.

Latest version of original game data

It is currently 0.65ver.
Reconsideration room added
(You can go from the hero's house or the portal in front of the final boss)

勇者出荷WINDOWS (1.30GB)


勇者出荷MAC (1.43GB)


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