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    • ご興味をお持ち頂き、ありがとうございます! 私達のモチベーション向上に繋がります。

    • 100円プラン:アポストル

    • Monthly Cost: 100 yen plan

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    • キャラクター紹介の先出しや高解像度CGを閲覧できます! 累計額でゲームの完成版も差し上げます!

    • A Discord server invite is included as a perk.[ Help ]

    • 500円プラン:オラクル

    • Monthly Cost: 500 yen plan

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    • ボイス付きのHシーンや限定ショートストーリーを閲覧できます! 最新の開発版デモも遊べます!

    • A Discord server invite is included as a perk.[ Help ]

    • 2000円プラン:スペシャル

    • Monthly Cost: 2,000 yen plan

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    • ※「サキュバスの籠」スペシャルバージョンは、プラン入会後こちらからDMにてお送り致します。

    • A Discord server invite is included as a perk.[ Help ]

  • About Paid Plans

  • Payments will be automatically processed between the last day of every month at 21:00 and the first day of the following month at 00:00.

    While the first payment must be made immediately, subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn at the end of each month. Even if you subscribe part-way through a month, you can access all articles for that month from start to finish.

  • You can end your support for a creator or change plans anytime.

    Changing to a lower plan will not result in an extra charge, as the content included is the same. Changing to a higher plan will result in a charge for the difference in the cost of your current monthly plan and the new plan.

    * Exempting the last day of the month from 21:00~ to the first of the following month at 00:00.

  • Creator articles posted during a month you supported can be viewed even if you are no longer supporting them.

    Creator articles from a month during which you supported can be viewed even if you've stopped supporting them. If you end support for a creator during a month, you can still view all new articles that release until the end of that month. (* Please note that past articles can be hidden or deleted at the creator's discretion.)

  • How to use

    • Ci-en is not a marketplace.

    • Ci-en is a platform dedicated to supporting creators. It is not for the registration review for users, or creators, or plan contents.

      Please see [What is Ci-en?] for more information about keeping Ci-en an open and creative environment for all users.

    • About Payment Methods

    • You can pay via credit card or DLsite points.

    • To buy DLsite points, in addition to the above credit card brands, the following payment methods are also available.

      • Electronic money
      • Internet banking
      • Convenience Store Advance Payment
      • Bank Transfer
      • BitCash
    • [ DLsiteのポイントを購入したい ]

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