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『ふたりな×エクスプローラー』ドット絵とRPGパート進捗 ENG&CHS Below







  • 本作のHシーンは「ふた×女」です。Hシーンではベルナとリップはどちらかに男性器が生え、相方に挿入するというのが基本の流れとなっておりまして、リバありです。「ふた×ふた」ではございませんのでご注意ください
  • また、サブキャラには生えませんのでベルナ/リップから一方的に犯される・屈服するなどのシーンもしっかりございます。
  • 男性キャラクターはHシーンに絡みません
  • モンスターなどの異種Hはありません



Progress of dot art and RPG part

This update is not an event scene, but progress on the RPG part.
This title is a semi-open world action/adventure RPG with a heart-shaped life system.
While moving in 8 directions on a 2D overlooking map & switching between 2 control characters who use different weapons and fighting styles, the player will use items obtained during the adventure to break through enemies and gimmicks that block his/her way.

The game is set in "Chipa-Toros," a place with its own mythological beliefs, and features six main characters: the two main characters and four subheroine characters (NPCs).

From left to right, Lip the shaman and Berna the swordsman. The two duo of treasure hunters are the main characters.

The dots, respectfully created by Kensei-san, are also cutely done!

The following is a feature of the H scene of this work. The following are the features of the H-scene in this work, which are important for users' preferences and will be repeatedly posted in the future.

  • The H-scene in this work is "Futa x femme", which means that in the H-scene, either Verna or Lip has a male organ and inserts it into the other, with riba. Please note that this is not a "lid x lid".
  • The sub-characters do not grow male genitalia, so there are scenes in which they are one-sidedly raped by Berna/Lip, and there are also scenes in which they are humiliated and subjugated by Berna/Lip.
  • Male characters are not involved in the sex scenes.
  • There are no monsters or other different kinds of H scenes.

Please look forward to the next update!


点阵艺术和 RPG 部分的进展

本次更新不是活动场景,而是 RPG 部分的进展。
这是一款半开放世界的动作/冒险 RPG 游戏,采用心形生命系统。
玩家在 2D 地图上以俯视视角向 8 个方向移动,并在两个拥有不同武器和战斗风格的控制角色之间切换,同时充分利用在冒险过程中获得的道具来突破敌人和阻挡道路的噱头。
<玩家 src="4551273" size="100%" />


从左到右依次为萨满利普和剑士贝尔纳。 两个双人寻宝者是主角

小圆点也是由 Kensei 制作的,非常可爱!


以下是本作品中 H 场景的特色。 今后我们将继续反复发布,因为它们是有关用户喜好的重要内容。

本作品中的 H 场景是 "盖子 x 女人"*;H 场景的基本流程是 Berna 和 Lip 一人身上有一个男性器官,然后将其插入伴侣体内,并带有里巴。 请注意,这不是 "盖子 x 盖子 "**。
另外,副角色不会成长,因此会出现 Berna/Lip 被单方面强奸或屈服的场景。
男性角色不参与 H 场面。
* 没有怪物或其他不同类型的 H 场面。



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