Hello, I am wolfzq, gald to see you~
I create the game cursed armor II, I hope you will like it.

Here ~ may be you like see it.

Somebody know I working in patreon.
Here it is.

Now somebody tell me, the game cursed armor Japanese translate is so bad.
Sorry, That time, when I make the game I am very poor, and I test sell let you play so bad, the game only have 3.87 score. Last, I update better translate, and score is up 4.13 : ) here it is:
Japanese version
Japanese translate is more then English... I do better in english, so english have a good result~ here it is:
English version
Of course, the best is chinese~ here:
Chinese version
Japanese, sorry, I cant do it best, sorry...
So I am here, more money can do the better translate.
Can you help me?
This time, the game have 500,000 chinese words.
I hope you can help me, if you want :P
Thank you!

If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could support us!

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    Start translate the game. Yes, Japanese translate.

  • Japanese translate.

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    Start translate the game. Yes, Japanese translate.

  • Test english version

    Monthly Cost: 1,600 yen plan

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    Test here, if here can