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2020/10/20 cien登録
2020/10/24 利用規約一部追記
2021/07/07 プランの説明一部追記
2022/02/01 一時活動休止
2024/02/11 素材加工の制限規約を撤廃


  • ゆらプラン/フォロー
  • ゆらゆらプラン/500円
  • ニコニコゆらゆらプラン/1,000円




About activities

I create character sprite sheets for 2D game .

Update history

2020/10/20 cien registration
2020/10/24 Added some terms of service.
2021/07/07 Added some plan descriptions.
2022/02/01 On hiatus
2024/02/11 Remove restrictive covenants on asset processing

Plan Description

  • Yura Plan / Follow.
    You can use the assets published by 2020.10.20.
    Excluding assets for 2D character generator.
  • yura yura plan / ¥500
    You can use the assets released after October 20, 2020 and assets for 2D character generator.
    You need to purchase the back number of the month for the materials released in the past month.
  • NikoNiko YuraYura Plan / ¥1,000
    The content is the same as the Yura-Yura Plan. The content is the same as the YuraYura Plan, but this plan is for throwing money.

The distributed assets may be sold on other sites.

Terms of use for the assets

  • You can use these in any commercial or non commercial project.
  • You can use it for R18 works. There are no restrictions on the genre of the work.
  • No usage report is required. No need to mention my name in the staff roll.
  • You can process all assets
  • You can continue to use the assets downloaded with the paid plan even if you end your support afterwards.

If you have any other questions, please ask me in the comments or DM on Twitter.

Posted Articles

Plan List

  • ゆらプラン/YURA PLAN



    2020.10.20までに公開された素材を自由に利用することができます。 ※合成用素材除く。

  • ゆらゆらプラン/YURAYURAPLAN

    Monthly Cost: 500 yen plan

    7 supporters

    【重要】2022.2.1〜活動休止中! 2020.10.20以降公開した素材を自由に利用できます

  • ニコニコゆらゆらプラン

    Monthly Cost: 1,000 yen plan

    0 supporters