Hello everyone,
Here is nicoulou, Im french but I will talk all the time in English.
English is not my native language,
Do not dwell too much on the spelling I will improve :')

Furthermore, Im the developper of the game (RPG Maker mv/mz)

I work in team with 素骨亭鉄舟, he is the artist of the game.
So we are creating Vanessa's story this gonna be a fantasy story about one girl who is rather perverse :3.

I will publish patchs notes times to times so don't hesitate to subscribe :).

(Finally I will improve the page with some screenshot/drawings ASAP :p)

~A sample of the text Main character design @sucottei_tesshu,
Now, Vanessa's story begins!

She gains experience through a series of sexual acts and grows as a pervert.
Take her to a world of pleasure with your control!
Let's take her to the world of pleasure!

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