ChramusDev May/20/2024 07:29

off topic 1 / オフトピック 1

I have been playing games in "". I like the designs in "queen's blade" and "monster musume", but the prices are outrageous. Why would I pay more than 1000 MxN (9375 JPY) for a skin when I can purchase full products at dlsite and similar sites for much less? These "microtransactions" feel less "micro" day by day.

I have also been playing "Disgaea 7". The challenge is good, the designs are great and it costs much less than the "Tionishia" skin.

「」でゲームをやってます。 『クイーンズブレイド』や『モンスター娘』は絵柄が好きなんですが、値段が高くて。 DLsite や同様のサイトで製品全体をはるかに安く購入できるのに、スキンになぜ 1000 MxN (9375 JPY) 以上支払う必要がありますか?これらの「マイクロトランザクション」は、日に日に「マイクロ」ではなくなりつつあります。


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