Hello everyone, ChramusDev here!
Nice to meet you!


Java-OpenGL (VRoid-blender) game development with pervy content. Women dominating or taking the lead. Spread the love for big breasts and paizuri!

I developed and published "Wisp Forest" to show what could be done with the engine in its previous state, it was the minimum viable product:

But now it can do more, like bounce parts of the body according to movement and display dialogue boxes in the 3d environment. I aspire to develop a lightweight engine that will allow to create beautiful 3d games with minimum requirements. The current process involves creating games with reusable components to make them progressively better.

The games will contain boob attacks, boob domination, boob level drain and more!

My plan is to show the progress with screenshoots to the followers and "jar" executable files as early access to the supporters. Any feedback or bug reports will be appreciated.

I started this alone from scratch as an indie developer. If you are interested, your support would make me very happy.

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