ChramusDev Apr/15/2024 10:47

Plans after release / 発売後の予定

I recently registered a new product. I will share the link here after release. My plans for the near future are:
* exercise
At least until the headaches stop. I sped up the development a bit. The game isn't perfect, but it's playable and has good animations. I think the pause menu is buggy (sometimes the selection pointer isn't visible), but the save and load functionality is pretty much unnecessary for this game.

Next time I would like to focus on gameplay, but for now I need to take a break.

* エクササイズ
少なくとも頭痛が止まるまでは。開発を少し早めました。ゲームは完璧ではありませんが、プレイ可能でアニメーションも良好です。一時停止メニューにはバグがあると思います (選択ポインタが表示されない場合もあります) が、セーブとロード機能はこのゲームにはほぼ不要です。


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