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【杯の聖女と4大淫魔】「Information page」「信息页」

※This page is written using machine translation

Information page in English

Hello, this is echi Trina! This page is an information page for international users.

Thank you to all of our followers and supporters!
This page explains the specifications of the supported version and answers frequently asked questions.

1.Explanation of the Support Plan

Basically, once you subscribe to a support plan, you will be able to play the updated support version even after you cancel the plan.
This is why we post the Support Version DL page on the first day of each month. This is a matter of convenience for the "Ci-en" website.
In "Ci-en", the paid articles for the month of subscription can be viewed even after the subscription is cancelled.

If you joined the support plan on 5/5/2023, you will still be able to view the support articles published during the month of May 2023 even after you cancel your membership. When the supported version is updated, we will re-upload all the files of the articles for DL to the latest version so that you can download them.

We recommend that you cancel your membership once you have made a purchase, as there are no benefits to be gained from continued support.

2. update schedule for support and development versions

I am very sorry for those of you who are looking forward to this, but basically, I have not decided when I will update the software.

This is because I am the type of person who does not like to be pressured, and when I am pushed too hard, I am not able to perform to my full potential. For this reason, I do not say when the next update will be.

I apologize for this, but I hope you will be patient.

In the future, if we receive any questions or requests in the comments on the other page, etc., we will add the content here as well.


你好,我是Echi Trina! 本页是为国际用户提供的信息页。



这就是为什么我会在每个月第一天发布赞助版本的下载页面。这在 "Ci-en "网站是一个方便的做法。
在 "Ci-en "中,即使取消了订阅,也可以查看订阅当月的付费文章。







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